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Each athlete's body is different.  And so is each athlete's complete physical and mental history. 

Trying to emulate someone else successfully requires having their life's identity, history, and genetic makeup. 


If every athlete is doing the same workout, the the biggest or lightest may always be the best because everyone improves at the same rate!   

Shipping August 31, 2022

Introducing... The first wearable 3D motion analysis system with real time data measuring... 

Pounds of Impact Forces

Actual Runner Effort Forces  

Leg/Arm/Posture Range of Motion in All 3 Planes

and more all while synched with video! 

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What is the RunRite System?

Introducing... The first wearable 3D motion analysis system with real time data synched with video on your mobile device, tablet, or laptop!

The RunRite System measures the individual athlete's...


Full range of motion in all 3 planes and

grades the runner's Overall Efficiency and Fatigue level

what each runner does to compensate when fatigue sets in while training.

-Pounds of Force

-Impact Actual Runner Effort

  • Leg Range or Motion in All 3 Planes

    • Flexion/Extension (Lift and Recovery)

    • Inward/Outward Twist (Rotation)

    • Leg Swing (Adduction/Abduction)

  • Actual Full Step Rate

    • Down to 1/100th of a second

    • Time is measured from...

      • The Peak Push Off to Peak Leg Lift

      • Peak Knee Lift back to Peak Push Off


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The RunRite System measures and monitors all of this and more while synched with video!  All of the data is calculated allowing The RunRite System to compile reports detailing what it took for any athlete to complete a run, interval, or plyometric session!


The RunRite System will let also you know if your weightlifting, running, or flexibility program is working and recommends exercises just for you!

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